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What is Impression Material?

Impression Materials :- The materials which is use to take an impression is  known as Impression Materials.


Ideal properties of impression materials :

                                                           Best of the ideal properties of impression material given as follows -

1)  The impression  material should be elastic in nature &have a good plasticity .

2)  The impression material should have a good flow ,so that it ready flows into the cervices & undercuts.

3)  It should have a viscid consistency , that is it should not be too thick or too thin in consistency.

4)  The impression material should have a low specific heat , so that it does not burn or scaled the soft oral tissues .
5)  It should produce fine & sharp details of the standing teeth & oral tissues.

6)  It should be easily manipulable &not require any elaborated technique.

7) It should allows  a sufficient  working time & should set  rapidly in mouth .

8) The impression material should not  irritant & should not content any harmful ingredients which is injurious to the tissues.
9)  The impression material should have pleasant co lour , taste & o dour.

10) It  should be easily available & cheap.


Classification  of impression material with examples      

Impression materials mainly classify into two main groups according to their  elasticity which is given  bellow by a flow chart.

Impression Material
        a) Non-elastic        Rigid
                                     Plastic---  Thermoplastic 

        b) Elastic
                       ---Hydro colloid  
                                   Silicon   =
                                                  =Condensation silicon
                                                  =Polymerized silicon
                                                Rubber base  

                                             -=-=-=-=-=-impressions materials=-=-=-=-=-=-

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